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Mountainview Dental is primarily an insurance assignment-based office, this means we will, with precise confirmation of coverage, accept payment directly from the insurance company. We will be happy to file your electronic dental claim as a courtesy to you. Regardless of insurance benefits, full payment for services remains your personal responsibility.

Assignment of Benefits and How it Works

Assigning your dental benefits directly to this office is an option we offer. Most patients prefer this option so that they are not required to pay for their treatment in entirety. Instead, you are responsible for your co-payments, deductibles or differences between the cost of your dental treatment and what is covered by your insurance plan. Any difference is payable in full at the time of service.

We accept: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Debit or Cash.

Your Insurance and How It Works

Dental Insurance is a policy between you and your insurance company. Due to the Privacy of Information Act, some insurance companies will not provide details of your policy agreement. Therefore, we ask that you bring in your benefit booklet, so that we can review and note relevant information in your chart.

Primary Insurance

Primary insurance is usually a policy that is provided through your employer. You are the subscriber to the policy. Your policy may cover your spouse and/or any dependants. Their coverage is identical to yours, except for age limits or frequency differences for certain benefits.

Secondary Insurance

If you have a secondary insurance plan, usually through your spouse, your claim must always be submitted to your plan first. Once that claim has been processed we will be happy to prepare your secondary insurance claim form for you so that you may be reimbursed directly for whatever your primary insurance may not cover.

Predetermining Treatment For Assistance

The treatment you may need and receive from the Dentist is based upon his/her professional judgment and not on your eligibility by a dental benefit plan. Prior to treatment, we will discuss the clinical findings or treatment with you to keep you involved in your treatment. In certain cases, on your behalf, we can submit a request to your insurance company, to allow your insurance provider to notify you of any assistance they may provide for treatment you may need. Your questions are always welcome.

Cancellation Policy

For all appointments, we require 2 full working days notice of any cancellation. The fee for failure to provide this notice, (except for extenuating circumstances) is $25 for the first occurrence, $50 for the second, and $100 for the third.

Recommended Treatments

At the time of your initial exam, we will document all areas of concern, from the condition of your gums to any restorative (fillings) treatment you may need and, preventative services you will benefit from. We will answer any questions you may have regarding the recommended treatment, explaining it step by step, in a clear and thorough manner. Keeping you well-informed is important to us.